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"I think donors are appropriate where they should be, but I question how some might feel they could essentially veto the decision of the Board of Regents. That’s interesting to me. "
- Bryan Wachter, Senior Vice President, Retail Association of Nevada on news that donors to UNLV had threatened to pull their donations if President Len Jessup was removed or left office in the short term.Thursday, March 22, 2018.
"I am moving up very fast. "
- Congresswoman Dina Titus, CD 1 on how she is gaining in seniority in the House leadership. She is ranking member of the Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee on economic development, public buildings and emergency management.Wednesday, March 21, 2018.
"The Democratic turnout machine was second to none in the state of Nevada in 2016. And that is what resulted in our narrow loss. "
- Former Congressman Joe Heck says the Republicans could not get out the vote in his race against, now US Senator Catherine Cortez Masto. He says it wasn’t his anti-Trump stance. Tuesday, March 20, 2018.
"That’s a lot of drones. "
- Ann Morgan, Attorney, Fennemore Craig says that by 2022 we will have 2.4 million hobbyist drones in the air (Source WSJ). And that doesn’t count the commercial drones. Monday, March 19, 2018.
"Either you build shelters and you have a strategy like Las Vegas is attempting to do, or you have lots of people on the street. Those are your choices. "
- Robert Lang, Director, The Lincy Institute and Director, Brookings Mountain West looking at the lack of affordable housing for the poorest of the poor in both downtown Reno and Downtown Las Vegas. Las Vegas is making their downtown shelter project available, with services, 24 hours a day. Thursday, March 15, 2018.
"If this is how people get attention to it then great."
- Marilyn York, Attorney while concerned that the Me Too movement is getting watered down she’s pleased that the Hollywood and Political worlds are getting shaken up, especially at the top.Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
"I will welcome Chris (Wicker DNC) to the deficit hawk caucus. "
- Tray Abney, Managing Partner, Abney Tauchen Group jokes that Democrats are finally worried about deficit spending because the Trump tax cuts are paid for by borrowing 1 ½ trillion dollars over ten years. Abney is also concerned that the Federal Reserve will put the brakes on the economy via interest rate hikes. Tuesday, March 13, 2018.
"The jail is very difficult and probably is our highest liability within the office. "
- Darin Balaam, Candidate, Washoe County Sheriff possibly explaining why Sheriff Chuck Allen is going to be a one term Sheriff. Balaam says if you don't have the experience of running that area, understanding all of the liability that comes with that, it is very difficult.Monday, March 12, 2018.
"If this entire state was working on the basis of where Las Vegas is, we’re probably in good shape on water for the next hundred years. "
- Ray Bacon, Executive Director, Nevada Manufacturers Association says if you take a look at the water consumption per person and the amount of times that the water is used, that comes out of Lake Mead, in Las Vegas, water would not be an issue in most of Nevada for the next century.Thursday, March 08, 2018.
"Elected officials, especially at the state level, who are unfamiliar with West Wendover. "
- Mayor Daniel Corona, West Wendover expressing frustration that people in Salt Lake City are far more familiar with his town than Carson City legislators. Wednesday, March 07, 2018.
"We’ve gotten a lot done but there’s so much more that could have been and should have been done. "
- Chuck Muth, President, Citizen Outreach expressing pain that despite having the Congress and the White House in Republican hands, they are not necessarily conservative hands. Using the Senate’s failure to repeal Obamacare as one example.Tuesday, March 06, 2018.
"Manufacturing was right off the charts. "
- Terry Culp, Deputy Director, Nevada Industry Excellence says that manufacturing, especially high paying clean manufacturing, is one of the areas of high growth in Southern Nevada according to a recent survey.Monday, March 05, 2018.
"I don’t believe that but that’s what they said. "
- Susan Fisher, VP Government Affairs Group, McDonald Carano Wilson referring to Nv Energy’s claim to be neutral during the Energy Choice Initiative debate. They now plan to spend 30 million dollars to fight it.Thursday, March 01, 2018.
"It has the potential to be one of the country’s first smart freeways. "
- Mary Beth Sewald, President & CEO, Las Vegas Metro Chamber says that the new Interstate 11 freeway between Phoenix and Las Vegas will include new technology, facilitate autonomous vehicles and it would have battery recharging lanes plus incorporate WIFI into the freeway itself.Wednesday, February 28, 2018.
"Do not take Dean Heller for granted. "
- Former Congresswoman Shelley Berkley giving advice to Congresswoman Jacky Rosen. Berkley says she is no fan of Heller, calling him an average politician but says he is inoffensive and people will vote for someone inoffensive.Tuesday, February 27, 2018.
"I think it’s best for Las Vegas to keep the Wynn brand and keep it moving forward. "
- Russell Rowe, Rowe Law Group reacting to a gaming analyst’s comment that Wynn Resorts might become a target of another casino company or a leverage buyout firm, that might break up the company and sell off some of the assets.Monday, February 26, 2018.
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